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Welcome to this website: the personal home page of Andrei Morgan. I am a doctor who practises both neonatology and epidemiology.

On this website, I've presented a selection of the projects that I am involved in. I've also provided some brief synopses of my background - both personal and professional. I have many interests! Please enjoy reading the various pages, and feel free to contact me if you have any questions, comments or you just want to say hello.

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This post isn't about COVID-19. At least, not directly: I thought I'd point out some things tthat are linked to COVID-19, because if you think that the world is a bit crazy now but you're just playing along until it's over, I think you've got another thing coming. The world is seriously fucked up, and it's going to get worse, whichever angle you're coming from. You know this. Your government knows this. Everyone knows this. We're all just playing the game: and it is not finishing any time soon.


COVID-19: catching up.

Homecooked Mexican
food Doesn't the world move quickly? Ten days ago, when I last posted, France had been in lockdown for a week, and the UK had just decided to join in. Since then, I've been incredibly busy - yet have barely left the house: yesterday I did my (what seems to be becoming my weekly) shop - hence why I was able to make the delicious Mexican food you see in the picture - and went for a run. First time I've left the house in a week (yes - since my last shopping) and that time was the first in a week too. I've been doing PE with Joe though, and plenty of other things.

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