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Welcome to this website: the personal home page of Andrei Morgan. I am a doctor who practises both neonatology and epidemiology.

On this website, I've presented a selection of the projects that I am involved in. I've also provided some brief synopses of my background - both personal and professional. I have many interests! Please enjoy reading the various pages, and feel free to contact me if you have any questions, comments or you just want to say hello.

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COVID-19: personal updates

Tonight I've got homemade Chinese food for dinner: delicious (vegan) tofu with black bean sauce. It wasn't that difficult, I just chucked a load of ingredients that I had lying around in the wok together - but this post isn't to provide you with recipes. Instead, I thought I'd give a bit of an update as I've not had so much time to write these past few days, and the world is rapidly getting a crazier place to live. If you previously thought that living under a left-wing dictatorship like you imagine they've got in China was bad, you're gonna have another thing coming when a right wing dictatorship arrives in your beloved western "democracy". Meanwhile, I've been pretty busy recently. So please, a warning: hold your hats on tight, there's a bit of explanation coming up and it's not entirely pleasant reading.

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COVID-19: good things

I've written a lot this week about COVID-19: it's a scary prospect for all of us, with young people dying as well as the elderly. But there are also some good - if not great - things coming out of it. Today I thought I'd talk briefly about some of those.

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