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Welcome to this website: the personal home page of Andrei Morgan. I am a doctor who practises both neonatology and epidemiology.

On this website, I've presented a selection of the projects that I am involved in. I've also provided some brief synopses of my background - both personal and professional. I have many interests! Please enjoy reading the various pages, and feel free to contact me if you have any questions, comments or you just want to say hello.

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Mango time

I love mangoes. I didn't always -- I don't think I really knew what one was when I was growing up: my obsession then was orange juice (it still is). I guess I first really came across them at some point in my teens and, at that point, I put them in the same category as lychees (which I'd only ever experienced from a tin). Not something I enjoyed.

But now I love mangoes. They bring back fond and sweet memories of summer; of long lazy days and calm, comforting evenings sitting around relaxing with friends over a good meal. Today I bought mangoes in the market, and this evening I made mango-lentil curry with a home version of chicken tikka and rice. It was delicious.

Read on for the recipe...

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Installing CalyxOS on a pixel 4a

It's been a long time, but I've finally got a new phone. My last one was a Samsung Galaxy S2, first released in 2011 -- I should, perhaps, say last one_s_, as I have had more than one over the years. Indeed, you can still get them for about 40 euros on ebay, but the software I was using (LineageOS) now no longer really supports them. So it was time for something new and, after discussion with one of my friends, I decided to follow his advice and get a Google Pixel 4a.

Shock horror! Conversion to the devil? But no, I'm installing CalyxOS. This post describes how I did it.

Read the technical details...

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