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RECAP Preterm (Research into European Children and Adults born Preterm) is a collaboration between research scientists, clinicians, parent and family representatives, computer scientists, statisticians and project coordinators - between them representing 23 or more very preterm birth (below 32 weeks of gestational age) cohorts and 15 European countries. The project is funded by the Horizon 2020 programme to set up a platform for collaborative analysis that is being built using the "DataSHIELD" software stack.

Some examples of the ways I have been involved are:

  • As part of Work Package 7 ("Hypothesis-driven research agenda for child VPT cohorts"), I am coordinating a project looking at extremely preterm birth (below 27 weeks of gestation) across different European countries. For this, we are using both an individual patient data approach (with a few of the larger cohorts) as well as the DataSHIELD approach to ensure we can include as many cohorts as possible.

  • Work Package 10 ("Dissemination, Translation and Sustainability") is organising a Winter School (register now!)about how to use the RECAP Preterm data platform to conduct research on very preterm birth and the consequences to be held in December 2020, and I have been helping out with the organising committee. More information is available on the RECAP-Preterm website.

  • There has been an extensive workload in harmonising the data from all the cohorts so that they are compatible. This has been lead by Work Package 3 ("Data mapping and data harmonization") and involves all the cohorts that will be making data available for analysis via the platform, consequently a lot of people (including me) have also been involved with this work.

I also have been involved with the Early Career Researchers group, helping to set it up and to organise meetings.