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I've a wide range of personal interests that I've picked up through my life, predominantly influenced by my early years growing up in London.

Having been born at UCLH, I was then fortunate to attend two of the schools in London with the most unusual and progressive head teachers of the time. The first was Prior Weston (PTA), which at that time was run by Henry Pluckrose. For my secondary education, I attended North Westminster Community School (2005 OFSTED report on the BBC) which was run by Michael Marland; this has now been converted into two academies, with the former "Upper School" site closing.

Life in London exposed me to many different cultures from around the world. I was also an avid reader and, combined, these two things stimulated my curiosity to find out more about how things work: a geek was created. I got into cycling - including the mechanics of how bikes worked; I became a doctor - and learnt how the human body worked; and, I built myself a computer and installed free software on it.

I've experienced life overseas, too. I've travelled extensively through Europe, lived in Belgium, the United States, and Australia, and visited several countries throughout the Americas; since January 2017, I have been living in Paris. For entertainment and relaxation, I juggle clubs - particularly fire clubs. And I maintain my interest in how things work, trying to learn more about all kinds of systems, from those I can manually deconstruct to those that need a more theoretical approach.